The Brar Clan

ABC of our Family..

Anderson Essay prize [also see E]
Aider [wee hai, thae Odhar wee hai - An impressed Dad reading paper
reading paper aloud for P&D's sake re. names that made it
in IAS and IFS lists]
Advani [One of Ravinder’s many nick names,this one
originating from Mama]
Anhey di maa nu...! [Dad and Mom's private joke that later
became not-so-private!]
Baida [ Mama and Dad’s nickname for Dimpy during early childhood]
Binchinpink [mama calling out to one of us]
Baba [baba ayey hain–Kamal]
Baander [Bharat tum to bilkul Baander ho – Mama]
BCS [Chinni’s school, aka Billi,Cutta,Soor]

Can’t I joke? [..thae nak wich phonk - Pinky]
Chaanta [As in Chaanta maaroo gi – BD to Dimpy on many occasions
growing up but seldom carried out]
Chachaji [our much loved, though not our 'saka" one according
to Surjit Virji!]

Drink [hoon tusi drink-werink lae lo –Mum.also see K]
Dybershun [Chinni’s name for Dimpy on road trip to Allahabad
for Indu’s wedding]
Dingle [as called by mom]
Deyhli [as called by Dad]
Do we Sir! [in response to Dad’s stern “Do we or do we not
Choudhury?” to his steno]
Dukey and Dyno [ as in ‘Dukey aa gayen hai?” –Kamal]

Enderson essay prize

Flush system [de advantages and disadvantages–Daddy. Also see K]

Guddi [bhua,chotti, waddi etc]

Hellyo [Uncle Gurnam]
Hamla [as in Hahn,hum motey hain, hum tum par hamla kar dey gey-
Pinky age 6 to some bigger boys who teased her in Kasauli]
Himtu [as in DJ Himtu]

Iceberg [Pinky, these Icebergs are such bad animals-Dimpy to
Pinky when she was 5]

Jampot [Jamshedpur]
Jogi virji [from Bhatinda with his army of brothers]

khana [bei hoon thusi khana kha lo – Mama. Also relevant to D]
Kutta, [kutta ayee Kutta - Mama]
Kithee "karai thae paani pher tha – Daddy}
Kugh [ as in Mrs. Kugh – Mama’s nickname for Dimpy inspired by bad joke
regarding pronunciation of Chemistry” by Prof]

Lovely [ Oye lovely tu kithe hain?…Balli at Binny’s wedding]

Mitheyaa [Mama’s love name for Dad]
Moteya saleya kutteyaa [Dad’s horseplay endearment for Pinky]
Mrooti [baldh da na hai - Binny]
Mani Ram ke choray [Shammi's famous ditty]
Main kya ji [Chinni’s response when asked what his dad’s name was]
Muggi [Our first car, A two-tone Standard in Jamshedpur]

Nee Jat baar gayeya [nee jat kaddu laiyaha-Dimpy’s first poem]

Oye jey tho rabbar hai [Himmat]
Oh Well [Vivokanand!]
Oye hoye [said with irritation, Mama style]

Phraaji [Mama’s many]
Phenji [Mama to many]
Phano [short for Phanoyeea as in Brother-in-law: P and D’s name
for greasy garage mechanic in Chandigarh when house was being built.
Chacha ji found out and told them the meaning and scolded them for
marrying off the beauteous Binna to him]

Quti Singh (for lack of a better one)

Ramunwala Throne [your mummy is sitting on her… Dad],
Reader’s Digest Condensed Books [God bless Dad]
Raja [as in Pinkoo Raja]
Rajwant [Mama’s occasional name for Rajju]

Saala Kutta [chalo daddy saala kutta saala kutta kheltey hain – Binny]
Sarbala [as in I am the Sarbala - Very high Surjit Virji
insisting on it at Mom & Dad's 50th Anniversary. ]

Thwaanoo [khatae dakaar aandhe nae? – Dimpy’s mimicry of
hawker in Punjab roadways bus -Bonny’s fave]
Teejhi keerhi choot boldi see [Mama’s famous joke]
Tumma-Dingy [Bonny’s nickname for Ayesha and Aanya as babies]
Tere ko paap lagey ga [Dad to Dimpy when she made fun of his Very Nearly’s]

UTC [ulloo type conversation – Binny]

Vinay [as in Desscus? Hamre saath?]
Very Nearly [Dad’s opening line when recounting how he almost
told someone off]

Wo tho meri behen bhi nahin hai [ mortified Dimpy to stranger in Simla
who was hit on his umbrella with a snowball by a running Pinky who kept
running and disappeared around the corner]

Xcuse you! [ Instead of Excuse me -Preeti Gujral, out of sheer nervousness
when approaching Tube Club Secy for our dads membership numbers]

Yeh theney kya keeya [preceded by Oh ho – Mama when the naukar broke
or burnt something]
Yo yo [ he’s my Peyo or Bro]

Zending [pending with a Z]
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