A Celebration

My first attempt at this website, which went live on June 18th 2007, was an amateur effort to keep some part of Mom and Dad always alive for us and our children. It was a few months after Mama's passing and the result was a grief filled memorial that brought back the sadness and sense of loss each time I went back to it.. As time has passed, I have begun to feel that we should be celebrating their lives, instead of continuing to mourn their absence in ours.

My earlier attempt didn't do justice to their amazing personalities...instead of feeling sorrow; they both would want us to enjoy revisiting the past through these pictures and happily treasure the memories of all those wonderful years that we were fortunate to have them in our midst.

So, this site is now a dynamic work-in-progress that celebrates the lives and times of our beloved parents Raghbir and Harjit Brar. It also starts the process of becoming an interactive repository of memories and information of our lives.. and of our children, who will hopefully continue to honour the memory of their grandparents by passing this baton on to the next generation.

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